dave macintyreWelcome to this website. My name is Dave Macintyre, the owner and founder of 350 Neuro Marketing and we hope that you find all the content posted here useful and to your benefit. Please feel free to contact us regarding any content that has been posted.

This site was created to get all aspects of marketing and to learn what drives consumers into making decisions on certain actions.

I have started up a new online marketing company called 350 Neuro Marketing that aims to help individuals and small businesses build their brand and be found online.

With over 15 years experience with search marketing and branding, we will help any business dominate the search engines and outrank their competitions. Its not knowing what you think you know but acting on how you will progress and this where 350 Neuro Marketing has the advantage.

My hobbies are surfing, mountain biking, skydiving and reading. I like to spend a lot of time discovering new beaches to surf and to live life to its fullest. Make it happen!

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